Our Policies

Payment terms

We offer one of the most flexible payment policies around. We like to arrange either weekly or bi-weekly billing with our clients, since it keeps things simple and fair for both of us. We also provide monthly financing for larger projects.

Working hours

Buonocoreco is based in New York City at GMT -5 and we work weekdays, 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Privacy policy

Anything you provide us with during our communications will remain between us unless you decide otherwise. This includes all personal, payment, and business information, all artwork and media, and any files you may provide us with.

When we collect your information, we only do so to provide you with our services. We will never share, sell, or distribute your information to any third-party unless you instruct us, or we deem it necessary to provide you with our services.

Cookie usage

A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. We use cookies to many purposes. For example, we use them to remember your preferred language and other settings. It's within your right to deny these cookies, but some of our products won't work exactly as expected without them.


Buonocoreco is a 100% Confidential service. Web development is at the core of what we do and we are not interested in stealing, selling, or revealing what you share with us. We will willingly sign a NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement with you for protection and security of your proprietary information.

  • We will never claims rights over anything our clients provide.
  • We will never contact your clients or the clients of your clients.
  • We will willingly sign a NDA.

Email news/updates

We may include your email address in a mass email list in the event that we need to alert our clients to security updates, urgent messages, or important news. Your email address will not be used for sending any type of marketing email unless you otherwise opted into marketing emails.